My University Advice

So at last we’re in September which means the new academic year will be starting and those still in education will be going back! When I was first accepted into university, I came across many university do’s and don’ts and I took them in but I don’t think I really really took them in. So I will be discussing here the things I want you to seriously take in before going to university! Let’s begin…

Overdraft is not free money.
You’re probably thinking “I know it’s not free money” and yes you do however it is so easy to get caught up in using that money, you will forget it’s money you’re going to have to pay back one day. I would advice to only use it if you absolutely need to and even though some banks offer up to £1500 of student overdraft, ask to reduce the limit offered if you feel you’ll be tempted to use it. When at university it’s very important to live within your means. You don’t want to get caught up in debt whilst so young! I have heard of people struggling to get out of their student overdraft even years after graduating.

Remember what you went to university for
I feel like that annoying big sister saying this but it’s very easy to get caught up in the university lifestyle. You need to remember that this is a course you’re paying for. You don’t want to be failing modules or resitting exams you could’ve passed if you had just taken the time out to do the work you needed to do. If you’re doing a course that’s demanding, I am going to need you to take this in a lot.

Get some experience
I cannot stress this enough especially as someone who has felt the full brunt of this. You don’t want to have graduated, seeking work and be told the only thing preventing you from getting your foot in the door is experience. You want to leave university skilled in all areas; academically and also with experience because without that you will struggle. I would say the best time to do an internship is the summer of second year. If you’re planning to go the corporate route, most firms take in second year summer interns who they usually offer full time work to at the end of university, upon completion of the internship. You want to be amongst those so brush up your CV and get applying to those schemes.

Use the resources you’re offered
This is something I failed to do and would encourage others not to do the same. Make full use of all the resources offered! Whether it’s going to a career’s fair organised by the university, going to networking events, speaking to the career advisers’ etc. Do your research and always be on the look out for opportunities being offered by the university. At the end of the day, you’re paying for it so take advantage.

Make new connections
Use your time at university to build new relationships and make new meaningful connections. That could be by joining different societies, making new friends etc. This is probably one of the only times you’re going to meet so many different people from so many walks of life! Also, you never know who could help you in the future so broaden your network and widen your horizon.

Lastly, enjoy your time at university
I think this is very important, especially in the first year. Do not be that person in third year regretting what could or would have been. Make sure to socialise, meet new people and go out. Just do whatever you see as enjoying yourself as long as it doesn’t conflict with your personal morals. This is a once in a lifetime experience so use your time there wisely.

As usual, I would like to end this on a positive note. For those starting university this September, I’m wishing you all the best on your new journey and sending you lots of love and hugs.

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