April & May

Life has been chaotic during these past few months. Some days I wake up full of energy feeling like I’m ready to conquer the world and others, I wake up ready to fight anyone that dares look at me the wrong way. It’s been hard however I understand that I’m literally just going through the motions like most people are. This year and these past couple months have just been an absolute madness. If someone told me they had a vision on the 31st of December that this year was going to take such a turn, I’d have probably laughed in their face(Well joke’s on me now!). In conclusion this has truly been the year of the unexpected and it seems as if nothing is off the table.

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I’m back?

It’s been a long time guys. I know, I know I have stood you guys up for ages. Life for me since I last posted has been up and down but we are not going to get deep into that. I was able to finish my final year at university and I am currently a full time worker.
I vowed to use this year to sort out my personal finances, personal development and my career and so far things have been going well.. I think.

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Ali Annabelle Brazilian straight hair- Update


The first thing I attempted to do was bleach the knots. This time I was able to get my hands on a 20 volume developer rather than the 40 I was using before.  I mixed the developer with the bleach powder and pinned the frontal onto my mannequin head with the knots facing upwards. I applied the bleach with a plastic knife and this is a trick I learnt from the Youtuber, Tiara Monet. It just makes the application process easier. Continue reading Ali Annabelle Brazilian straight hair- Update

Wiggins Hair 613 – Final Review

The roots

I didn’t like how the roots turned out and so decided that I was going to buy more of the medium ash brown and get my roots a lot darker than it was. Before doing so, I decided to tint the lace again as I felt as though it wasn’t dark enough as well. Continue reading Wiggins Hair 613 – Final Review

Ali Annabelle Brazilian straight hair-FIRST IMPRESSION

I was planning to order this hair on 11:11 which is a big upcoming sale on AliExpress on the 11th of November. This sale happens every year where most of the things on the site including BUNDLES are on sale. However, I decided to buy it before the sale and get a review out for anyone who has been eyeing this item. Continue reading Ali Annabelle Brazilian straight hair-FIRST IMPRESSION

Wiggins hair 613- How I got the hair colour/Review (Part 1)


After watching countless YouTube videos, I decided that the best way to go about with toning the 613 hair was to use box hair dye.

I went into Superdrug and got four boxes of the Clairol nice and easy in dark ash blonde, one box in medium ash brown and another one in the light ash brown. Continue reading Wiggins hair 613- How I got the hair colour/Review (Part 1)

FIRST IMPRESSION-Wiggins Hair (613 in Peruvian)

Link to the hair

I ordered the hair on Friday the 31st of August 2018 in the lengths 20 20 20 and an 18 inch frontal. This was purchased during the recent aliexpress sale so even though the hair initially cost £191.53, I ended up paying £179.84(The best time to order hair on aliexpress is during a sale and their next major sale that I am aware of is the 11:11 sale so get your coins up!). Continue reading FIRST IMPRESSION-Wiggins Hair (613 in Peruvian)