Natural hair Journey

My Natural Hair Journey

For as long as I can remember I always had relaxed hair. I was born in Ghana and it was basically the norm there during those times to have relaxed hair. Relaxing your hair wasn’t a big deal. It was just something that was always done to my hair every 6 weeks. Continue reading Natural hair Journey

FIRST IMPRESSION-Wiggins Hair (613 in Peruvian)

Link to the hair

I ordered the hair on Friday the 31st of August 2018 in the lengths 20 20 20 and an 18 inch frontal. This was purchased during the recent aliexpress sale so even though the hair initially cost £191.53, I ended up paying £179.84(The best time to order hair on aliexpress is during a sale and their next major sale that I am aware of is the 11:11 sale so get your coins up!). Continue reading FIRST IMPRESSION-Wiggins Hair (613 in Peruvian)

Hair Update- Ali Pearl Brazilian Straight

I have had the hair for over 2 months now and in my previous post I mentioned that I was going to bleach the hair. I also forgot to talk about how much I bought the hair for and the packaging the hair came in.

Starting off with the price, I bought the hair for £162.06 which I felt was a reasonable price for 3 bundles of 24 inches and a 20-inch frontal. Continue reading Hair Update- Ali Pearl Brazilian Straight

Ali Pearl Hair (Brazilian Straight Hair)

My exact order – Click here

I ordered the hair in the lengths 24, 24, 24 with a 20 inch frontal.

The hair took about 5 days to be delivered which was not bad. I believe I ordered it on the 1st of May 2018 and received it on the 6th of May. When I first opened it, it had what I call the “Aliexpress hair smell”  but it wasn’t unbearable(trust me I’ve had hair from this site that STANK!). The bundles had great lustre to it, felt smooth and it was easy for me to run my fingers through it. Continue reading Ali Pearl Hair (Brazilian Straight Hair)