Why you need to trust the timing of your life

Let’s be real we’ve all heard the phrases “trust the process” or “trust the timing of your life” many times. You become really tired of hearing this because you find yourself constantly waiting on something that seems to come so easy to another individual and you can’t seem to understand why things aren’t panning out the same way for you.

I am here to let you know that I understand. I have definitely had lots of times in my life where I didn’t understand why certain things seemed to come so easy to others but not for myself. I found myself comparing my journey to other people’s journeys and usually ended up feeling a lot worse about myself.

I cannot stress how important it is to learn to trust the timing of your life. Although super important, it can be very difficult to do so and for that reason I will be sharing five reasons why we all need to trust the timing of our lives from today onwards.

Alright so …let’s get into it!

Reason number 1
Everyone is on a different journey. I know you’ve heard this so many times and you are probably so fed up and irritated by this saying but I want you to really take it in. Everyone wasn’t born to live the same life. Some people become doctors, others become nurses, financial analysts, and so and so forth. Your journey isn’t going to be identical to that of your peers and it’s okay. Things will work out for you in the way it’s supposed to work out and NOT the way it’s supposed to work out for your peers.

Reason number 2
People only show you what they want you to see.
People usually showcase the best parts of their lives especially on social media. Some showcase their lavish lives with fancy cars etc. Be happy for them but also understand that people want you to see what they want you to see. Not all that glitters is gold and you’re not with them 24/7. Sometimes that life you’re wishing was yours probably isn’t all it seems. Perhaps if you knew the ins and outs, you probably won’t even wish for it. Also, even if everything someone showcase’s is exactly what it is, it’s okay to not have what your peers have and learn to be genuinely happy for others.

Reason number 3
Some paths in your journey are there for self growth and for finding yourself. Trying to rush things to get to your desired destination because your peers are there will lead to you missing out on valuable lessons which may be handy later on in your journey. For example, this could probably be a season trying to teach you patience and perseverance because patience is something that’s going to be required in the next phase of your life. You rush things and get there and now you’re stuck!

Reason number 4
Please stop comparing someone’s day 1000 to your day 1. Some people know how to make things come across real easy. They’ve been grinding for years, and they’ve finally gotten the opportunity to blow. You start on your day 1 and you want to be exactly where they are without doing the work they have done and it’s just not realistic. Take it easy, trust the process, do your part and it’ll all work out together for the best!

Reason number 5
Not trusting the timing of your life can cause you to think that something is wrong with you when that is not the case. Why am I not achieving this or achieving that when really and truly it’s probably all down to factors out of your control. It’s important to focus on the things you can control and leave the remainder to God or the universe or whatever higher being you believe in.

Remember that trusting the timing of your life doesn’t mean to sit down and not do anything with your life but rather, put in the work required to get to where you want to get whilst also believing that your time will come and things will work out for you!

Really hope you guys enjoyed this post and I hope if you’re waiting on something to happen for you, you’re able to trust the timing of your life!
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6 thoughts on “Why you need to trust the timing of your life”

    1. It’s never ever too late girl❤️ and I don’t blame you because it’s so easy to compare your life to other ppls lives! Found myself doing it a lot especially earlier on this year so I can understand

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  1. This was such a great read, and I can definitely relate to this. During the first lockdown I stopped and realised I was unconsciously comparing myself to others and questioning my own life despite considering myself as a mentally strong individual. It’s definitely easier to fall into the comparison trap than to focus on yourself but, when you make an effort to do so you really start to feel soo much better about yourself💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg thank you for taking the time to read this girl❤️❤️. And it’s super important to not fall into the comparison trap because it does more harm than good! Like you said focusing on yourself and your vision is honestly the best way to go about things

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  2. Such a beautiful read ❤️ This lockdown has helped us to reflect a lot on how we view ourselves and others and we have actually learned a lot to enjoy the little things we have in life.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading this❤️ definitely had a lot of time to reflect on so many things this year and it’s helped me so so much! Like you’ve said, it’s definitely super important to appreciate everything you have going on and enjoy whatever moments you get!


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