How to find a job in a pandemic – CAREER SERIES III

Ever heard that job searching is a job in itself? They didn’t lie! Not to be dramatic but I honestly feel like I’ve been through hell and back this year with job searching. Job searching in itself is usually difficult but add in a pandemic AND a recession?

After months of furlough and unemployment, I have finally found a job so today I am going to be sharing a few things I did during my job searching journey which set me up for success. I really hope anyone who reads this is able to take something from this and I also hope these tips change things for you the same way it did for me.

Alright so boom…

Number 1 – Network

You have probably heard of this so many times but I cannot stress how important it is to make genuine connections with people in the industry you want to go into. Building genuine connections could end up landing you in your dream role. A good way to start is on LinkedIn or by attending career related events.
It’s also very very important to network across. This means networking with people who are also looking for work or in a similar position to you because when they do find work, they’ll be more likely to put you on as opposed to someone who is already up the ladder. Be smart with how you network!

Number 2 – TAILOR your CV/Resume

If you’re applying for a finance related job for example, have a finance tailored CV available. Specify that this is the field you are keen to enter and if you’re struggling with how to make a tailored CV, simply search on google the role or field name with CV/Resume and you’ll see so many examples on google images.

Number 3 – Two words; Cover letters

I know a lot of people hate them but please write cover letters when applying for jobs even if it’s optional and ESPECIALLY if it’s an easily applied to job on a super saturated platform like indeed. Think about it like this…If it’s super easy for you to apply for a job, there will definitely be loads of people applying for the same job so please add a cover letter to stand out!
The easiest way to go about cover letters is to write a sample cover letter for your field and tailor it each time depending on the job or company. If you’re not sure how to write a cover letter, once again simply search your field name + cover letter on google to see examples.

Number 4 – Use different platforms

Don’t fall into the trap of only applying for jobs on one job board. Diversify your search by using the company’s site, LinkedIn, reed etc. Some sites do not get as much traffic as others, so your CV is more likely to be seen by the recruitment team when they check the applications on those sites as opposed to when you apply from the one site everyone uses.

Number 5 – Do not apply for jobs that have been out for more than 7 days.

If it’s been out for more than 7 days, I personally wouldn’t bother simply because of the climate we’re in and the fact that everything is super fast paced at the moment. More likely than not, that role is probably not available anymore. Always filter your searches to show the most recent jobs so you can apply for the ones that have just been advertised.

Number 6 – Use tag crowd.

I always copy and paste the person specification onto this site and it filters out the main key words. I then ensure I have these words in my CV and cover letter in case the company I am applying for uses robotic systems to filter out CV’s.

Number 7 – Do not send your CV in pdf format.

There is something called ATS that some companies use to filter out CV’s especially during times like these where they get loads of applications. During my research I found that this system prefers your CV in word format rather than a PDF format. I realised that when I’d send my CV as a pdf, I barely got any responses but as soon as I started sending it in a word format, I started getting more responses.

Number 8 – Follow up after an interview

I usually write a follow up email within the first 48 hours after an interview especially if it’s a job I really want to get. Once again if you don’t know how to write follow up emails, google follow up emails to see what they look like.

Number 9 – Be intentional with the types of jobs you apply for.

Remember that it’s quality over quantity. It’s very easy to slip into the routine of applying to loads of jobs especially when you’re desperate but I think you’ll get better responses if you take your time to find jobs you really want and send out quality applications.
Another part of being intentional is not applying to a job with loads of applicants. Sometimes you may get reception but I personally don’t think it’s a smart way to go about things. If a job has 200+ applicants, I personally wouldn’t bother applying for it as they more than likely wouldn’t see my application.

Number 10 – Pay attention

Whilst job searching, I found that some jobs were being advertised for MONTHS as new jobs. If you’ve been job searching for a couple months, you will start to realise these things. Please do not bother wasting your time applying for these jobs. I genuinely feel like some organisations are taking advantage of these times and using them to collect CV’s.

Some words for you all.
Accept that rejections are going to happen especially in this current climate. There are so many people applying for jobs and you’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea which is okay. I faced a lot of rejections myself whilst job searching, some of which put me in really bad mind state and now I look back thinking why was I even worried about this?
As corny as this may sound, please remember that It only takes one person to say yes so don’t worry a door will open for you!

I’m sending you guys so much love and I hope this post helps.
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27 thoughts on “How to find a job in a pandemic – CAREER SERIES III”

  1. Such a great post❤️ Thank you so much for sharing these important messages. I also love how you mentioned that rejection is inevitable – it’s so important that we remind ourselves of this, and not take it too much to heart! Loving your blog girl, keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much girl for taking the time out to read this post! Means so so much to me❤️ and also I’ve come to accept that it’s a part of life😭 this year has absolutely showed me that

      Liked by 1 person

  2. These are great tips for job seeking. I would applying for jobs very early in thr Morning maybe 6am or 7am before people get to work. it seems those are the ones they review first. Worked for me when I was looking

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooo really? When I was job searching I only applied during office hours because I had this weird thing where I thought they’d see it as soon as my application came through


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