5 things you can do whilst waiting for a job

I think we can all agree that this year has been a lot. COVID 19 has brought about so many unimaginable and unfortunate circumstances. One of the main ones being redundancies, resulting in lots of people including new graduates struggling to find work.
I want you to know that if you find yourself in these unfortunate circumstances, do not let it consume you. I want you to keep going with the job search and something will come for you.

Waiting to get a job and going through several applications can be emotionally draining, so I’m here with five things you can do whilst waiting to get a job. This will not only help take your mind off things but will also keep you going and perhaps even open more doors for you.

Number 1Up-skill
Times are very hard right now and a lot of employers are probably looking for the most qualified or most skilled individuals. If you’re looking to apply for a certain role and you haven’t got all the skills, use the time you have now to learn these new skills whether it’s via YouTube or a free course online. The internet is full of so many resources and so many opportunities so use it towards your advantage. This will also give you something else other than job searching to focus on.

Number 2 Focus on your other passions
This is probably the most free time you’ll ever have so whilst waiting for a job, use this time to focus on your other passions! Maybe you love drawing or maybe you’ve always wanted to become a youtuber? For all you know this may be a way of being redirected onto a different path than the path you think you want to take? Every individual has many layers and many different things they are good at so use this time to discover them.

Number 3Networking
These days it seems as though who you know is what could get you certain opportunities. Take this time to network with other individuals in your field and create new connections. Rather than spending your whole day applying, applying and applying, take at least 30 minutes of your day to connect with new people in your field, strike up conversations etc because you never know who could lead you to your blessing.

Number 4Take regular breaks to avoid burning out.
Take time out to rest! Your whole life should not be centred around job applications and interviews. Perhaps…treat it as a job and take the weekends out to recuperate and get yourself together. As I have mentioned earlier, this is probably the most free time you’ll ever have because once you get the role you want, your time will be very limited and so rest and spend some time with your family and loved ones.

Number 5 Patience
Be patient! These are very trying and unimaginable times. For every role posted, there’s probably hundreds of people applying as lots of people have found themselves looking for work. Some may find opportunities quickly and for you that may not be the case. Be patient and understand that your time is coming.

I’m sending you guys so much love and want you to know that your breakthrough will be near. Also, be sure to follow the blog’s Instagram and Pinterest account via their respective icons below and if you have a Pinterest account, feel free to pin the image below.

8 thoughts on “5 things you can do whilst waiting for a job”

  1. These are all good tips. I ‘ve been down that road before waiting to hear back from job interviews. One thing that worked great for me was volunteer work. I found an organization close to home that needed help with animals. That turned into a great opportunity to network, make friends and landed a job. They loved my work ethic so much they were willing to work with me on skills and experience I was lacking in a different industry. You never know what blessings are in store for you while you wait.

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    1. I agree with volunteer work so much because it’s what’s helped me gain my most recent job during this crazy time! I was able to pick up so many skills from it and that opened a really good door for me


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