Tips on booking Holidays on a budget

So the world is finally “free” of Coronavirus, and you’re looking to start finding and booking some cheap holidays? Let’s begin!

BA Holidays
When it comes to booking holidays I like to book it in instalments as I do not like parting ways with my money especially when it’s a lot of money. I like spending but for some reason I can be stingy with it. I tend to use British Airways holidays because you’re able to book both flights and hotels together by just putting down a small deposit. In my opinion this is also the best way to book group holidays especially if others in the group don’t have the money required to book hotel and flights in one sitting. The remaining balance can be paid anytime as long as it’s cleared about 4-5 weeks (you’re given the pay by date when booking) before you fly. This is perfect if you’re trying to save money as you’re able to pace yourself and decide when you’d like to pay the remaining balance. BA holidays also has a great variety of amazing hotels ranging from 5* exclusive hotels to basic hotels. Furthermore, you are given the flexibility to pick when or where you want to go thanks to their search tool!(some holiday deals are only fixed on certain destinations and times of the year). From my personal experience, booking hotels and flights together as a package tends to be cheaper than trying to pay for flights and accommodation separately.
Now let’s get onto the cons. One con with using BA holidays is that there may be certain “hidden” terms and conditions that you may not like. For example, you may need to pay the hotel a hefty damage deposit when you get there in the case that there are damages. The only thing I can say is that, make sure you read between those fine prints to ensure you don’t miss these important terms and conditions. Another con is that if you’re not able to pay your remaining balance and miss your balance deadline date, BA holidays reserves the right to cancel and you may lose your deposit.

I often use the skyscanner site to check for cheap flights by searching for available flights for the destination and dates I want to fly. The good thing about skyscanner is that you can filter different things to suit what you’re after. For example you can filter out what price range you’re after, whether you’re after connecting flights or not as well as whether you’d like the flights displayed from the cheapest to the most expensive.

How to ensure you’re not getting the short end of the stick

1. I think this is common knowledge but always search for holiday deals via incognito as some airline companies can use cookies to collect information about you which can be used to influence the price you see each time you go on the site.

2. According to skyscanner, the best time to book flights are Tuesday mornings because most airlines actually launch their discounts on Monday evening and the worst times to book flights are Thursdays as this is when airlines start raising prices to make up for the lower fares offered during the week.

3. I believe most people are aware of this but the earlier you book the holiday the cheaper it is as it gets more expensive closer to the time.

Lastly, I believe easyjet and most airlines offer holiday deals but the only service I use and can vouch for is British airways holidays. I feel like a lot of people don’t know about these holiday deals so I thought I’d bring light to it.

Sending you guys a lot of love

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