My take on Insecure Season 4

Spoiler alert!- I’ll be discussing what’s happened so if you haven’t watched it yet and don’t want any spoilers I suggest you kindly exit.

Back to the matter at hand! This season has by far been the best season of insecure in my opinion. Things took a serious turn and we saw a lot of character development in the main characters.

Things finally start to work out for Issa who we could all see was previously struggling to come to terms with what her purpose was. Issa, whilst working on her project, links up with Condola who we come to find out is dating Issa’s most recent ex of five years. This puts a strain on their working relationship and makes things a little awkward however they’re able to semi put it past them.
We have Molly (Issa’s long time best friend) who I feel is a little misunderstood at times however in this season her character wasn’t very likeable. I feel like Molly was going through a transition period in her life where she wanted to go about things differently and take a more serious approach to things in her life but I did not like the person she became and we can all see that it put a strain on the friendship she had with Issa. What I took from this season regarding their friendship is that it only seems to thrive on struggle because we see in the season finale that they come together when both of their romantic relationships crumble and that ain’t it. Sometimes we need to be okay with letting some friendships go.
Another thing I want to say is that Molly is a very stubborn character who always wants to point the blame, never takes accountability for the part she plays in anything and doing this not only ruined her friendship with Issa but also the relationship she was trying so hard to make work. I also felt as if Molly always saw Issa as that unserious friend of hers who was HER personal friend and so to see Issa blossom, create new friendships and begin to level up intimidated Molly and made Molly uncomfortable.

Tiffany, God bless her heart! I had a feeling she was dealing with postpartum depression just from the scene at Issa’s huge event when she didn’t want to go home and wasn’t being herself. We can see that life changes a lot when a child is involved as she’s not able to do the things she could do prior to having a child like staying out all night partying. I do hope Tiffany and Derek are able to get a handle on life after having a child and I believe they will.

Now Issa and Lawrence.. whew chileeee the chemistry, the way they were just so in tune with one another…the heat was turned the hell up in this season. But we were met with disappointment at the end (not surprised).
The way I was grinning so much when they had that date where they were able to sit down and discuss the issues they had, seek closure and get back together. It was beautiful and showed that sometimes you have to part ways with the people you love, better yourselves and come back and flourish together. Unfortunately though, we find out in this season’s finale that Condola is pregnant with Lawrence’s child which is tight. When it comes to Condola, I don’t think she “trapped” Lawrence (My God I HATE that word). I believe Condola is at a point in her life where she just wants a baby and when the chance came about, she decided to take it and I can’t fault her for that. It’s a shame it happened with Lawrence though especially at a time where things were starting to work out for him and Issa but that’s real life. Things do not always go the way you want it to.
I like Nathan and I think he’s a sweetheart. Perhaps next season Issa might give him another chance? Nathan’s character also highlighted the fact that people don’t always ghost you because they want to leave your life without letting you know what’s up. Sometimes they may be dealing with their own issues as we find out the reason Nathan ghosted Issa was due to the fact that he was battling bipolar disorder.
I’m going to end it on the note that even though I know friends fight and all, I am not here for Issa and Molly rekindling their friendship.

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