April & May

Life has been chaotic during these past few months. Some days I wake up full of energy feeling like I’m ready to conquer the world and others, I wake up ready to fight anyone that dares look at me the wrong way. It’s been hard however I understand that I’m literally just going through the motions like most people are. This year and these past couple months have just been an absolute madness. If someone told me they had a vision on the 31st of December that this year was going to take such a turn, I’d have probably laughed in their face(Well joke’s on me now!). In conclusion this has truly been the year of the unexpected and it seems as if nothing is off the table.

I honestly hope everyone is keeping their head above water. Things are tough but we will all come out of this on top! April for me was just an absolute blur. I felt like I had no handle on my life at the start of April. My days were just merging together and I hate saying this because we’re really in a pandemic and I need to rest but I felt like I was wasting away my days and basically my life. I did keep up with my personal fitness by doing ab exercises and skipping every other day which helped my mental a lot. I also read a lot. I feel like a lot of people don’t know about this but guys if you used to read those love stories on Wattpad, I’m here to tell you to download the kindle app and subscribe to kindle unlimited because when I tell you these African American literature books on there are 10/10 whew! Anyways reading kept my mind busy and it honestly helped me a lot. I also brushed up on my CV as well as I had been meaning to do that for the longest but having a busy schedule got in the way and so when life stood at a stand still I used that opportunity to sort that aspect of my life out.

May came around quicker than expected however in May, I felt like I had gotten a handle on everything. I was able to rest well and take breaks without feeling like I had to constantly be productive. I started taking my vitamins regularly, keeping my curtains opened at all times and keeping hydrated. At the end of May, I was able to come back to blogging and writing which I had absolutely missed doing. This post is just really to encourage others that we are all in this together. We are literally in a pandemic and going through life changing situations but it gets better and it will.

Sending you guys a lot of love

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