The hair I ordered – Link

I ordered their 16 inch frontal on the 21st of January and after ordering the hair, I received a message from the seller via the site. It was the normal message you get when you put an order through to verify your address.The seller also asked to know my birthday so I would be given a discount on my birthday. The seller then assured me that once my order has been shipped out, the tracking number will be sent to me. I then received another message from the seller the day after letting me know that my order has been shipped out via FedEx along with my tracking number. The seller also mentioned that if I had any dissatisfaction regarding the hair, I should let them know before disputing or giving a negative feedback as there was nothing that could be done after that.

The seller also hoped that I could give them a 5 star and mentioned that I’ll be given an extra discount for my next purchase if I give them a good feedback. Communication with the seller was the average communication I had with other sellers whenever I ordered hair.

I received my order 4 days after ordering the hair (25th of January) and I believe that’s around the normal time it takes for AliExpress hair to be delivered. It came in a FedEx bag and so the packaging wasn’t anything interesting.

The first thing I noticed after taking the hair out of its packaging was that it had a sly AliExpress smell to it. It wasn’t overbearing or anything and It’s a smell I believe a common shampoo and conditioning will get rid of. The hair also came with a black wig cap.

I am not even going to lie there were lots of short hairs at the front and I didn’t really like the hairline. It said online that it was pre-plucked, but I am going to have to pluck it a lot more to suit my hairline and would suggest that others do so too if they want a more natural look. If you’re somebody who just wants to buy a frontal that you won’t have to put in any work in order to make it look natural, I don’t think this frontal is for you.

The lace is also quite soft and thin which I am very happy about. A soft and thin lace usually means it’ll be easier to work with. The hair on the frontal is nothing special in my opinion. It’s just like a normal straight AliExpress hair when you first receive it. It’s soft and there are no tangles or shedding when I ran my fingers through it.

I measured the length of the frontal with a tape and it was true to length. It was even longer than 16 inches which is a good thing.

So far, I have no problems with the frontal. It seems like a normal AliExpress frontal. I can’t say whether I like this frontal or not because I haven’t done anything to it yet. I do plan on bleaching and dying it and making a wig with it so my next review will give a more detailed insight to the hair.

Pictures of the frontal

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