Tips on buying hair on AliExpress

The first thing you’ll probably do is search the site to see whether they have the hair you’re looking for. So, let’s say I was after Brazilian deep wave with a frontal on AliExpress.

I search it up and there is a list of what I am looking for from different vendors with different prices. First tip is to always go for the hair with lots of buyers and a good rating. Even if it has a good rating (perhaps 5.0), if there are only for example 16 buyers I wouldn’t recommend because 16 buyers aren’t enough to show you whether the hair is good or not. A smaller sample size doesn’t give a clear picture! I’m sure we all learnt this in school. The more buyers you have, the more accurate I feel the review section of the hair is.

Second tip is that when reading the reviews, I would suggest that you read from the 1 star to the 5-star review. These reviews can be seen by just clicking on the 1 star, 2-star, 3-star etc.

In doing so, it arranges all the reviews that have been given a 1-star, all the reviews that been given a 2-star and so on and so forth. You can see why someone has given it a 1 star and whether that is a problem you can personally take on. If you don’t do this, it’ll usually come up with the good reviews first and you might get tired of reading before you come across the bad reviews!

Another tip is that when reading the reviews, always have in mind that some sellers give buyers coupons or prizes for giving good reviews so shine your eyes very well. I personally wouldn’t recommend you buying anything with a rating of less than 4.5 because then you’re just gambling your money.

Also ensure you check out the percentage of overall positive feedback the vendor has as well as how many followers they have on the site. I know popularity on the site doesn’t necessarily mean the vendor is good, but I would personally rather spend my hard-earned money on hair a lot of people are buying than hair a lot of people are not buying or are not interested in. Furthermore, the more popular the vendor is, the easier it is to find recent reviews to watch on YouTube.

I would also suggest that after finding the vendor you want to buy the hair from and the exact hair you want to buy, type the exact item on YouTube and watch reviews on the hair as well as videos of people styling the hair to get a feel of how the hair will look or behave. For example, let’s say you’re buying deep wave bundles with a frontal. Watching videos of someone styling the hair would show you whether the curl pattern on the frontal is like the curl pattern on the bundles. What I am trying to say is that watching videos of people working with the hair will give you small details that you would want to know about the hair that may have not been mentioned in reviews before buying it.

When it comes to YouTube reviews, I feel as though sometimes they are accurate but quite often these reviews are collaborations and the person reviewing the hair may have either received the hair for free or has received the hair for free and is being paid for the video so take everything they say with a pinch of salt and watch lots of reviews to see how other people may also feel about it!

Ensure you’re not only watching old reviews but also watching recent reviews! Some vendors have improved the quality of the hair they sell over time and for others it is the opposite!

You can also check out my blog and read HONEST reviews (lol cheeky promo) but after all of this you must bear in mind that sometimes AliExpress can be a hit or miss. Just because someone had a good experience with the hair doesn’t always mean you’ll have the same experience!

After doing your research, ask people around you to see if anyone has ordered hair from that vendor or that exact hair and what their experiences were. Do not sleep on word of mouth!

You’re now ready to order your hair and something I used to do when ordering hair was to let the vendor know that I will be doing a review on the hair and I hope they send me good hair to review! Even if you’re not going to review it just lie! it worked sometimes but sometimes some cheeky ones still had the audacity to send me crap hair!

These are my tips for you and I hope it helps!

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