Ali Annabelle Brazilian straight hair- Update


The first thing I attempted to do was bleach the knots. This time I was able to get my hands on a 20 volume developer rather than the 40 I was using before.  I mixed the developer with the bleach powder and pinned the frontal onto my mannequin head with the knots facing upwards. I applied the bleach with a plastic knife and this is a trick I learnt from the Youtuber, Tiara Monet. It just makes the application process easier.

After I was done, I unpinned the frontal and laid it on a bin bag, so I could see whether the knots were bleaching or not. It took about 5 minutes until the knots started bleaching which was good. I unfortunately realised that my paste had not been thick enough and that meant some of the bleach had seeped through to the hair and had began bleaching the hair so I quickly washed off the bleach before all the knots had even been bleached. I’m sure most people know this but when bleaching knots try and make the consistency as thick as toothpaste to prevent the bleach from seeping through.

After washing the bleach out, I applied some shimmer lights purple shampoo to the knots to get rid of any brassy tones and left it on for about 2 minutes before washing it out. I then began plucking the knots to suit my hairline. I will pluck a bit on the mannequin head then place it on my own head to see whether it’s alright then switch back to the mannequin head. After a while, I switched it back onto my own head. I applied mousse to the hairline and began plucking on my head. This is a trick I learnt from another Youtuber, Mikai Mcdermott. Applying mousse to the hairline not only makes it easier to see what’s going on but also easier to pluck. After I felt satisfied with the hairline, I began making my wig.

I used about 2 and ½ bundle to make my wig which was good and even then the wig came out really thick. I then washed, conditioned and deep conditioned the hair using the TRESemme restructuring treatment masque for about 2-3 hours.


My thoughts on the hair after making the wig

The only time I receive any sort of shedding was really after plucking the frontal and after making the wig when I cut the weft. After that I barely received any shedding. Throughout the whole process of washing and deep conditioning the hair I only received about 4/5 strands of hair.

I also didn’t receive any tangling either but I must say that there were sometimes snags.

I applied bleach onto a test strand and it bleached very fast which is a good thing however after it gets to the honey brown colour it doesn’t bleach anymore so if you’re going for a very light colour you might have to bleach it a few more times and even then I am not sure whether It’d go very light. I bleached it twice and the hair didn’t fry nor did I receive any crazy change in the hair. It felt the same as the other bundles which is good. After washing the bleach out, I only received 1 or 2 strands of shedding.

The test strand after washing the bleach out


I said this in my first review, but I am going to say it again. The hair has amazing lustre to it and feels ridiculously soft and very silky.

I need to add in that even after washing, conditioning and deep conditioning the hair, It still has that aliexpress smell and I find that annoying.

I’m still not a fan of the frontal but the frontal is very easy to work with. The knots on the frontal starts to bleach faster than some frontals I have had from some vendors. The knots are very easy to pluck too and doesn’t result in rips in the lace which I am happy about. Although I didn’t really like the colour of the lace, I was able to tint it to suit my skin tone. The hair on the frontal is also soft and lustrous like the bundles and the hair on the frontal seems to match the hair on the bundles.

The hair on a night out

I wore this hair to my friend’s birthday party, a night with the compozers and a birthday dinner and even slept it in for a day or two.


The hair straightens very well and that’s something I really love about it because I don’t have to do the most to get it straight. I’ve had straight hair where I always have to do the very most to get it bone straight and thankfully that is not the case for this hair. The hair does not tangle when you start sweating on a night out but I’d still suggest always bringing a comb or brush to comb it out when you go to the toilet or something and want to freshen up.

It barely sheds when you sleep in it, but it does get a bit messy and that’s something a brush will easily resolve so that’s a pro.


Once sweat starts to build up, that aliexpress smell comes out in full force and it’s unbearable in my opinion. It’ll actually disgrace you! I’m still trying to find a solution but please make sure to wash the hair every time you wear it on a night out.

Another con I have about this hair is that, I am not a fan of the frontal. Although it’s very easy to work with, the lace is very thick which means that, it’s very visible and can be seen even if you try your hardest and so I wouldn’t recommend this frontal.


Overall I think the bundles are amazing, the best straight hair bundles I’ve had so far however I don’t like the frontal. So if you’re purchasing this hair, I would suggest to definitely get the bundles but not the frontal.

I would give this hair a 7/10 without the frontal but with the frontal, it goes down to a 5.5/10.

Some pictures and a clip of me in the hair


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