Wiggins Hair 613 – Final Review

The roots

I didn’t like how the roots turned out and so decided that I was going to buy more of the medium ash brown and get my roots a lot darker than it was. Before doing so, I decided to tint the lace again as I felt as though it wasn’t dark enough as well.

This time around, I tinted it with the adore hair dye in darkest brown expecting only a darker lace. I boiled some water, added the darkest brown colour and stirred it to make sure there weren’t any lumps of colour. I then went ahead and dipped the lace in trying not to get the roots in but I failed once again like I did in my first review. Expecting only the lace to be tinted, I realised that the roots had also been dyed. It was a mistake but one of the best mistakes I’ve made as the colour of the roots were exactly what I was going for from the start but couldn’t seem to achieve.

Below is a picture of the before and after.

I then quickly realised that dipping the lace in the colour had also created a straight demarcation line on the hair and I wasn’t happy with that.

I decided to buy more of the dark ash blonde to tone the bits where there was a demarcation line. That was a big mistake because after applying the dark ash blonde on the parts of the hair where the demarcation line was, it started going green and I realised that the darkest brown had a green tone to it rather than a brown tone like the mocha.

NB: If you’re going to get your roots this way, make sure you have toned the whole hair before dipping the lace/roots in the darkest brown. Do not tone the parts where the darkest brown has already been applied because it’ll go green.

After that, I boiled some water again, added the darkest brown and stirred it to get rid of any lumps of colour. I then used a hair dye brush, dipped it in the solution and just started painting over the green parts where the demarcation line was by randomly doing light straight strokes to deposit the colour. I hope that makes sense.

The hair

I must be honest, I have not been wearing this hair out as much or even had the time or a reason to wear this hair but the times I wore the hair it continued to shed and tangle like it was in the other review especially at the nape area. Nothing has really changed. The good thing about this hair is that it’s not stiff, it moves.

I would say that this hair is manageable. If this hair isn’t something you’re going to be wearing every day but only on special occasions, then go ahead and buy these bundles. However, if you’re making a wig you’re going to be wearing every day or getting a sew in with this hair, I wouldn’t recommend it as it sheds a lot and tangles quite a bit especially in the nape area and I know it’ll get irritating after a while.

I am not sure whether this hair holds a curl because I don’t have my curlers with me currently and when I buy straight hair, I usually wear it straight.

My previous ratings STILL stand. I will give this hair a 4/10

Below is a picture of me in the hair.

Also if you have any suggestions on any hair reviews I should do next please let me know. It’ll be very much appreciated.

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