Ali Annabelle Brazilian straight hair-FIRST IMPRESSION

I was planning to order this hair on 11:11 which is a big upcoming sale on AliExpress on the 11th of November. This sale happens every year where most of the things on the site including BUNDLES are on sale. However, I decided to buy it before the sale and get a review out for anyone who has been eyeing this item.

The exact hair I ordered

I ordered the hair in the lengths 20, 22 and 24 with an 18 inch free part frontal. I got it for £139.79 which to me was a bargain. The hair was quite cheap because I used a store coupon! ALWAYS utilise the store coupons if your account has enough coins because it makes a big difference.

I ordered the hair on the 17th of October and received the hair on the 22nd of October so the delivery was standard. Seller communication was also normal. The normal message you get confirming your address, another that your item has been shipped, another one that it has arrived at your local DHL centre and lastly another to confirm that you’ve received your item and to give them a good review (5 STAR) with pictures in order to receive a $15 coupon.


The hair came in a normal DHL package. When I opened the package, I saw that along with the bundles were one pair of lashes and a small leaflet on how to take care of the hair which I thought was very nice!


The first bundle I could get my hands on was the 24 inch bundle. it was extremely soft and had an amazing lustre to it. When I run my fingers through it I did not receive any tangles or shedding and It seemed true to length. This was the case for all the other bundles. The only con I had was that it had the AliExpress smell which can be slyly unbearable at times. Other than that, the bundles looked and felt amazing. The bundles are slyly on the thinner side especially the 24 inch but that’s not a problem for me personally as I will be going for the sleek bone straight look and I think that look is easily achieved when the bundles are thinner. If you’re someone who is after thicker bundles, maybe this exact hair might not be for you.

A short slo-mo clip showing how lustrous the hair was



The hair on the frontal was also very soft and lustrous however I am not sure if I like the frontal. It said it was medium brown swiss lace online but seems slyly lighter than medium brown in my opinion. The lace itself was quite hard and a little too thick for my liking but I’m sure after bleaching the knots and tinting the lace to match my skin tone everything will be fine! The hairline came slyly pre-plucked with baby hairs, but I am going to have to go in and pluck it some more if I’m being honest to achieve a more natural look.

For some reason the AliExpress smell was worse on the frontal in comparison to the bundles and I am not sure why this is the case.

Apart from that, the hair seems okay for now. I am absolutely in love with the bundles and I would probably say that these are the softest bundles I have felt in ages.

NB: I am going to try and put out an update on this hair before the 11:11 sale to give you guys more info on the hair. DO NOT purchase the hair just based on this one review alone. Either wait for my updates or watch YouTube reviews on the hair before making any purchases.

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