Wiggins hair 613- How I got the hair colour/Review (Part 2)


I made a wig using the frontal, 1 bundle and ¾ of another bundle after going through the process of dyeing the bundles etc.


My thoughts towards the frontal completely changed after dyeing and washing it. It was very easy to dye and stayed soft throughout and after. So far it hasn’t tangled or shed. The knots were also very easy to pluck and I didn’t receive any rips in the lace when plucking the knots which was definitely a good thing. The only con I had with the frontal was that the lace was very thick in my opinion and the colour of the lace was nowhere near my skin tone which made it hard to blend it into my skin even after tinting the lace.


The bundles completely changed after dyeing and washing them. They tangled a lot which led to shedding. The good thing about the bundles though is that they’re very thick and the width of the wefts are long. I was surprised myself when I used less than 2 bundles to make the wig. The bundles became quite coarse after dyeing and washing which in my opinion kind of stops you from getting a bone straight look.

I took this wig to a concert a few days ago and the hair tangled a lot especially at the nape area. I could barely run my fingers through it without it getting caught so I would advise you to bring along some sort of comb or hair brush if wearing this hair on a night out because you’re going to need it.

I slept in the hair for one night and woke up the next morning to a few strands of hair on my bed. It wasn’t anything crazy, but it sheds.

Overall I would give this hair a 4/10.

Below is a picture and a clip of me in the hair.



NB: I’m going to try and squeeze in one last update on this hair in my next post to let you guys know if anything has changed regarding the hair or if it’s still the same.

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