Wiggins hair 613- How I got the hair colour/Review (Part 1)


After watching countless YouTube videos, I decided that the best way to go about with toning the 613 hair was to use box hair dye.

I went into Superdrug and got four boxes of the Clairol nice and easy in dark ash blonde, one box in medium ash brown and another one in the light ash brown.

The first thing I decided to do was bleach the knots which in my opinion was pointless. I would not advice anyone to bleach the knots on a 613 frontal because it doesn’t do anything. I bleached it with a 40-volume developer and that’s another thing I would also not recommend doing as that’s way too strong. However, I am a student and only had a 40-volume developer at home so decided to use it rather than spending money on another developer. After bleaching the knots and seeing no difference, I decided to rinse out the bleach. The bleach was on the knots for about 15 minutes as I was using a 40-volume developer and didn’t want the hair falling out.

I decided to go ahead and dye the bundles. I unravelled the first bundle and used the first box of the dark ash blonde. I pretty much just followed the instructions on the box. The colour was very easy to apply and I washed it out after 15 minutes. After doing so I conditioned it with the conditioner given in the box dye and washed out the conditioner after a few minutes. This process was repeated for the other bundles. I realised that the bundles got extremely tangled after washing the conditioner out and this led to the hair shedding as I had to brush it to untangle the knots. I don’t know what I did wrong, but I can say that there was a change in how the bundles were before and after washing and dyeing.

Below is a picture of a bundle which hasn’t been toned next to another bundle which has.

I moved on to the frontal and decided that I was going to try out the light ash brown colour on the roots and if it came out too light then I would dye it again with the medium ash brown colour as I didn’t want my roots to be too dark.

I sprayed got2b glue on the lace to prevent colour from seeping onto the lace. This is a trick I learnt from my favourite YouTuber, SO CHAR. I turned the frontal over after and began applying the light ash brown colour to the roots using a toothbrush. PLEASE take your time when doing this because even though you have sprayed the got2b on the lace you can’t be doing it anyhow. It will take some time but do it lightly and bit by bit to ensure you have applied the colour onto all parts of the roots. I missed out some parts of the roots by accident, but it was my first time and I’m not perfect.  I left the colour on for 15 minutes and decided to wash it out. After washing out the colour and air drying the frontal, I realised that the roots seemed way too light for me and so I dyed it again this time using the medium ash brown.

I used the same techniques and left it on for another 15 minutes. It was a little bit darker this time around but not as dark as I wanted so I think if you guys are planning to use the medium ash brown perhaps leave it on for a little longer than 15 minutes.

Another tip – when washing the roots of the frontal out, hold it facing upside down so the colour of the roots doesn’t transfer onto the rest of the hair.

After washing the medium ash brown out, I toned the rest of the hair on the frontal using the dark ash blonde colour. I then washed, conditioned and air dried the frontal, and these were the results.

Another thing I decided to do after drying the frontal was to tint the lace. When it came to tinting the lace, I wasn’t sure what to tint it with as the lace on the frontal was nowhere near my skin tone. I decided to go for the adore hair dye in mocha. I poured hot water into a small container and added a small amount of mocha into it. I stirred it to make sure there weren’t any lumps of colour before dipping the lace into it.

My only issue with dipping the lace into it was that some of the colour seeped through to my roots and slyly dyed my roots which was annoying. Next time I would probably use foundation or something else that’s not liquid in order to prevent adding any unnecessary colours to my roots.

4 thoughts on “Wiggins hair 613- How I got the hair colour/Review (Part 1)”

  1. Thanks for a honest review! I want to buy hair from aliexpress to bleach but I have no idea what hair can take it so I can try different colours! I’m looking forward to more content x

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    1. Thank you so much for taking time out and reading😭❤️. Means a lot! So far the one I’ve tried and bleached which came out okay was Ali grace. It took to colour very well but the only con is that the hair is kinda coarse so doesn’t go bone straight and the lace on the frontal is also quite thick😩

      Liked by 1 person

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