Natural hair Journey

My Natural Hair Journey

For as long as I can remember I always had relaxed hair. I was born in Ghana and it was basically the norm there during those times to have relaxed hair. Relaxing your hair wasn’t a big deal. It was just something that was always done to my hair every 6 weeks. My Grandma did it, my mum did it and so did all my aunties and female cousins.

I know this sounds crazy, but I only really took notice of what “natural” hair was when I moved to the UK. I started year 7 and realised some of the black girls in my form had a different hair texture to me (they had natural hair). By year 8 I discovered YouTube and began watching YouTube videos on natural hair after I stumbled upon it.

I found the natural hair videos very intriguing and wanted to know what my natural hair texture was like as well as learn how to manage my own hair texture. By year 9, I was transitioning and had refused to go to the hair salon countless time with my mum to get my hair relaxed.

Being a very impatient person, I decided to jump the boat and cut all my relaxed hair off after a month or two of transitioning.  I felt weird after cutting it off and I honestly do not know why because when I lived in Ghana I had cut/shaved my hair off for school multiple times. However, for some reason this time it felt…different?

After that I was always on my A game with my hair. I had a specific hair routine I stuck with. Wash and deep condition my hair once a week, use the right shampoos (sulphate free shampoos as I learnt that it dried out the hair), do the necessary protective styling and before I knew it my hair grew back healthier, thicker and longer. Even though my mum didn’t like the fact that I shaved all my hair off, she was impressed with how fast it grew.

I had a head full of tight and thick coils by the time university came around. The first few weeks of university, I was on job with the hair routine that I had developed but as time went on, I found it hard to balance everything at uni and that included my hair routine. There were weeks where I’d skip routines and I just wasn’t taking care of hair properly which caused my hair to start breaking and so in the end I decided to shave it all again and went back to square one.

After that, I just couldn’t be bothered to grow out my hair and when I discovered wigs, I would just cut off my hair whenever I felt like it. When it comes to my natural hair, I am not length obsessed because hair length is not that serious to me.  I care more about the health of my hair and if I think that I am not taking care of my hair to the standard that I should or that I feel my hair isn’t healthy I will not hesitate to cut it off!

Over the years especially since coming to university, I have struggled to maintain my natural hair routine and I have also realised that I barely wear my natural hair out anymore. I want to be able to talk about my natural hair as much as I talk about bundles and so I have decided to create a segment on this blog regarding my natural hair and hopefully it’ll motivate me to have some sort of routine and stick to it when it comes to my natural hair.

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