FIRST IMPRESSION-Wiggins Hair (613 in Peruvian)

Link to the hair

I ordered the hair on Friday the 31st of August 2018 in the lengths 20 20 20 and an 18 inch frontal. This was purchased during the recent aliexpress sale so even though the hair initially cost £191.53, I ended up paying £179.84(The best time to order hair on aliexpress is during a sale and their next major sale that I am aware of is the 11:11 sale so get your coins up!).

Prior to making my purchase, I watched a lot of reviews on YouTube which suggested that this was a decent hair vendor to go with for 613. I also made sure to read ALL the reviews under the hair to ensure that my hard earned money wasn’t going to waste. Before ordering hair from anywhere PLEASE make sure to do your research.

The hair arrived on the 3rd of September which was a pro! However, prior to arriving I received a text saying that I needed to pay an importation charge of £3.37. This charge is small but it’s best for me to be open and let you guys know that you may or may not be required to pay this charge. The hair arrived in a normal DHL bag so it wasn’t anything fancy.

Attached below is an image of the packaging in which it arrived.



When I opened the package and took the bundles out the first thing I noticed was that the bundles felt silky as hell! I don’t know why but I kind of expected the worst as I have heard that 613 bundles aren’t usually as good as normal 1b hair but this hair had great lustre to it and felt very silky.  It had a teeny weeny smell but you could barely smell it and that was another thing that surprised me as usually aliexpress hair does have a foul odour to it. When I did run my fingers through the bundles, I received the odd one or two stands but it wasn’t anything major. I can’t lie I am so excited to work on this hair even more.

Attached below is an image of the bundles



Moving on to the frontal, it was… very different to the normal 1b frontal that you get. As I haven’t tried a 613 frontal before I don’t really know how to go about with it or whether to bleach the knots as there are knots on the lace however they are blonde? The lace on the frontal is quite thick too and the hairline on the frontal needs to be plucked. I love the bundles a lot but I don’t think I am a very big fan of the frontal because it seems like you have to do a lot to make it look good. For me, that’s not a major issue because I like working on things from scratch but if you’re not someone who likes doing that then I suggest you find another vendor for your 613 frontal.

Attached below are images of the frontal

My next post will be about how I get the hair to look how I want it to, how the hair felt when I added hair dye to the hair and whether that brought about any changes as well as how I attempted to make the frontal look wearable.

NB: This is only just a first impression and therefore I cannot tell you how the hair will look and feel months later so I suggest that you wait for my other reviews or watch and read other reviews before purchasing the hair.

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