Hair Update- Ali Pearl Brazilian Straight

I have had the hair for over 2 months now and in my previous post I mentioned that I was going to bleach the hair. I also forgot to talk about how much I bought the hair for and the packaging the hair came in.

Starting off with the price, I bought the hair for £162.06 which I felt was a reasonable price for 3 bundles of 24 inches and a 20-inch frontal. The hair came in the normal DHL packaging, so it wasn’t anything fancy or special.

I ended up bleaching the hair with a 40-volume developer and dyed it with the adore semi-permanent hair colour in clover, emerald and royal navy. I randomly mixed the colours together and dyed it. I didn’t really measure how much of each colour I used in different sections but I did use one bottle of each.

After bleaching and dying the hair, I washed it with the silicon mix shampoo and conditioned it with a TRESemmé conditioner for about 5 minutes.  After doing so, I washed the conditioner out and deep conditioned it with the silicon mix deep conditioner for about 2 hours.  I washed out the deep conditioner, air dried it, straightened the hair and attempted to cut it into a bob.

I would advise everyone to invest in this TRESemmé conditioner , and Silicon mix deep conditioner when bleaching and dying hair as it left my hair feeling very soft and smooth. I have bleached and dyed hair without using these two previously and I can say from the bottom of my heart that it makes a big difference.

The hair took to bleach very fast and I am not sure if that is a result of the 40 volume developer I used or the fact that the hair just bleaches fast. I did notice though that the frontal bleached way faster than the rest of the bundles even though I applied the bleach to the frontal last. I was going for a brown colour as I didn’t want my colours to come out bright. This meant that I only left it in for less than 10 minutes from what I can recall.

I did mention earlier on that I attempted to cut the hair into a bob. I believe that cutting the hair helped with the ends as the ends felt really nice despite bleaching. I didn’t receive any excessive shedding or notice any crazy changes in the hair and the frontal after it had been bleached and coloured. The hair behaved pretty much exactly like it did before bleaching.

I ended up taking the hair on holiday to a hot country (Croatia) where I slept in the hair almost every night I was there.  I did not receive any crazy tangling, but I would say that I still continued to receive snags when I would try to run my fingers through it. I did also find it a little hard to get the hair to stay straight as it tended to frizz up very easily.

Overall, I have had an okay experience with the hair and would buy it again with my own money. I would still rate it a 6/10.

NB- I promise to include pictures/videos of the hair in my next post because I can’t seem to find any decent videos or pictures right now


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