Ali Pearl Hair (Brazilian Straight Hair)

My exact order – Click here

I ordered the hair in the lengths 24, 24, 24 with a 20 inch frontal.

The hair took about 5 days to be delivered which was not bad. I believe I ordered it on the 1st of May 2018 and received it on the 6th of May. When I first opened it, it had what I call the “Aliexpress hair smell”  but it wasn’t unbearable(trust me I’ve had hair from this site that STANK!). The bundles had great lustre to it, felt smooth and it was easy for me to run my fingers through it. The bundles and the frontal were also true to length which was a pro. The lace on the frontal was very soft and thin (probably the thinnest I have had from Aliexpress as of yet!) and I was very happy about that as it meant that it’ll be easier to style the frontal. The hairline was quite full and I personally had no problem with the hairline being full because I like customising my frontals BUT if you’re somebody who wants an already pre plucked frontal with not much to do then this is not the frontal for you.

A Picture of the frontal when it first arrived untouched and unplucked on my bed.

A few days after receiving the hair I began to pluck the hairline of the frontal. In doing so, I noticed that it was very easy to pluck. I have purchased a frontal before where the lace was hard and so made plucking very difficult and sometimes would result to rips in the lace but that wasn’t the case for this frontal. After plucking the frontal(got a bit excited and over plucked), I bleached the knots on the frontal a few days later. I only had a 40 volume developer at home and so used that but I would not recommend bleaching the knots on your frontal with a 40 volume developer. The knots took a very long time to bleach. I would say that it took over an hour and a half and I was not happy about that. After I washed out the bleach and used a purple shampoo to remove the brassiness from the lace, I received a lot of shedding and I am not sure whether that is as a result of me leaving the bleach on for a long time or the excessive plucking I did.

I moved on to dying my bundles jet black with the adore semi-permanent hair colour and it took to colour well. I made the hair into a wig using all the bundles and deep conditioned with the silicon mix intensive hair deep treatment and tresemme conditioner overnight. I washed them out the next morning, air dried the hair and it was ready to be styled. The hair took to heat very well however it did shed a little bit whilst I was straightening it.

I have worn this hair on a night out and before I left for the night, I straightened the hair and made sure it was bone straight as that was the look I was going for. The hair did start to snag after a few hours. I am not sure if this is as a result of the length of the hair, the fact that I dyed the hair or just how the hair behaves but it snagged whenever I would try to run my fingers through it. If taking this hair on a night out, I would recommend that you bring along a small hair brush that can be tucked in your purse so you can brush it out here and there to keep it tamed.

I have had this hair for over a month now and even taken it abroad. I am yet to bleach this hair and will give updates on how the hair behaves when I bleach it however I would say that this hair is ‘okay’ hair and I would buy it again. So far I would give it a 6/10.  I wouldn’t recommend taking the exact inches I ordered or longer on holiday if you’re going for the bone straight look as it does take a bit of time to straighten it.

NB/Disclaimer- I do not know how the hair will behave in a sew in as I have made it into a wig and have not slept with the wig on yet.

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