Previously known as ‘the real hair gist‘ this blog’s main focus was on hair reviews and all things hair related. I have now decided to make this blog one that contains all things lifestyle related.

I know this may be a little disappointing to the readers who came on this site to read only hair related content and so from time to time I will still try and make posts about hair but it won’t be the main focus on this blog as it previously were.

I hope you are all able to come along on this journey with me and I appreciate you all. I will try to be a lot more consistent and I will also give up any helpful tips regarding all things lifestyle related to help make the lives of my readers easier.

Latest Posts

How to live intentionally

In previous years, I have to admit that I haven’t been intentional with goals I set for myself or things I wanted to go after. This year though I decided to take full control of my life and the first thing I started doing is living intentionally. So first of all let’s define what intentional … Continue reading How to live intentionally

My University Advice

So at last we’re in September which means the new academic year will be starting and those still in education will be going back! When I was first accepted into university, I came across many university do’s and don’ts and I took them in but I don’t think I really really took them in. So … Continue reading My University Advice


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